Moppet to the Rescue

I listened to an audiobook The Christmas Hirelings written by Mary Elizabeth Braddon and narrated by Richard Armitage and was completely impressed on three levels. This review will have my thoughts on the story itself, the author, and the platform from which I got the audiobook. I remain impressed by listeners or readers who can benefit from audiobooks. Usually, I am not one of them. If the audiobook is too long, I fall asleep. If I try multi-tasking and the task is in any way important, I either have to “rewind” the audiobook to review points unclear to me or I have to repeat steps in the task I was doing because I was more interested in the listening experience and I missed the exit. Vowing never to try multi-tasking, I am back at fighting off sleep. With this four-hour presentation, I didn’t even doze, let alone sleep. I listened to it in one session and remained interested in every chapter.