An Exemplary Title for a Novel

The Meaning of Us by Carol Ervin is Book Eight of the Mountain Woman Series. It is not necessary to read the books in order but it would make life easier. First, there is a cast of characters with such a great number of characters spread over at least three generations. This will challenge even those with a hobby of genealogical tracing. Carol Ervin precedes her books with a helpful list of characters who appear in the book readers are currently reading and, after Book One, a list of character names which appear in the book only as a reference to characters in previous novels. If readers are reading on Kindle with X-ray enabled, it is easy to keep track of the complex relationships that come about due to multiple marriages, common law marriages, adoptions, placing of children with more competent relatives, and death. This is one of the reasons the series is very entertaining. It feels like my family. Your family may be different.