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Revenge Served hot

2 min read

Shifter by Miguel Estrada is a horror short story of revenge on a couple of levels. Clancy Reynolds and Christina were in love. They agreed on that. He had told her he loved her. She had replied with similar words. On the night they met in the restaurant when Clancy intended to seal the deal with a proposal of marriage, something had changed. They both had something important to say. For Clancy, it was “I love you.” For Christina, it was “I’m leaving you.” Not only was Christina leaving, but she was leaving Clancy for someone else.

Clancy was about to serve up revenge hot. First, there was the rage that burned inside him. Then there were the gas cans he was carrying to burn down the house of new boyfriend Richard Manning. Once everything he owned was destroyed, Christina might return to him. They weren’t supposed to be in the house when he burned it. They were and they died. Jail was the next logical place for Clancy.

Lawyer Robert Johnson said there was not much that could be done for Clancy. It was either a long time in jail or an indeterminate, but undoubtedly shorter term in a mental facility. Clancy unwisely picked the mental facility. All he had to do was convince the staff he was sane and after a couple of years, he would walk free. Clancy had not known and could not appreciate in advance the quality of staff he would encounter at the Golden Psychiatric Hospital, a private hospital with staff dedicated to research that was off the beaten path of acceptable medical research.

And that is where the horror begins. Doctors offered Clancy a chance to participate in cutting-edge research. One recovered, he would be offered early release from the facility. Clancy agreed.

Read the story to find out what happens next. I received this story from Prolific Works for free by signing up to the author’s mailing list. It is better than many short stories of this genre. I would give it four Amazon stars if I were rating it on Amazon. I don’t post reviews of free books on Amazon.

This is a short story that can be read in less than an hour, something to break the work routine.



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