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A Ruined Weekend

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Death of a Saturday by Janice Croom is published to introduce readers to her writing style. Interested readers then will read further stories in the Kadence MacBride series: Death of an Idiot Boss and Death of an Island Tart both available on Amazon. I received this short story for free through Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie) and joined the authors mailing list.

Kadence and husband Terrence were having a quiet weekend until Kadence’s mom called. Her good friend Hattie McBride was in jail for murdering her husband, Blind Willie. Mom knew Hattie hadn’t done it and demanded that daughter Kadence take husband Terrence with her to the jail and bring Hattie from the jail to Mom’s house. Of course, Mom said, Hattie was innocent.

Reluctantly arriving at the jail, release of Hattie was complicated by the fact that Hattie confessed to the murder. Both Kadence and Terrence were familiar with false confessions but were faced by the problem of if not Hattie, who?

Launching their own mini-investigation, Kadence and Terrence went to the crime scene where they interviewed the landlord, Mr. Perry, a person Terrence instantly determined was in love with Hattie. They also interviewed a neighbor, Jackie, who freely admitted that she often slept with Blind Willie.

The question is, who killed Blind Willie? The second question is if it wasn’t Hattie, why would she confess? The answer to these questions makes the story worth reading. The writing style makes me interested in reading the novels mentioned above.

Although the writing style is four Amazon stars, I gave the content of this story only three stars. It works well as a teaser because it displays good writing but the story was just OK.


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