Clio’s War Is Different

I was surprised to find Clio at War by Peggy Gardner not listed in the young adult (YA) genre on Amazon. I recommend this as a good YA read because of an absence of sexual or violent language. This is most appropriate as the Main Character is 11-year-old Clio. She will tell most of the story in the first person. Clio begins the story as a very angry daughter of Delia. Her mom is taking her on a “forced march” to Wolfe Flats, Oklahoma. The town and area are as small and boring as the name implies. Delia will leave Clio with Aunt Harriet and Aunt Norma as Delia pursues an exciting career in Europe as a war correspondent. Delia dreams of being a contemporary of Martha Gellhorn. The war is WWII. After dropping Clio off, we hear next to nothing about Clio’s mom or the war in Europe.