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Orders: To Obey Or Not Obey?

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Spin Drift by Lisette Kristensen is a very short story describing the culmination of Mossad training with an operational test. Pass the test and you graduate. Fail the test and it would not matter; candidates who failed died Is this realistic? Sure, it can happen but the conditions under which it would happen are more stressful than described in this short story. For fans of this type of story look at accounts of military teams operating on horseback in Afghanistan, actions on the part of Seal Team Six, some of which have inadvertently been declassified. For non-fiction from the past look at Five Years to Freedom by Col. Nick Rowe, a prisoner of the Viet Cong and NVA for the number of years indicated. Also look at the operation under the Carter administration to rescue US hostages from the US Embassy in Tehran. The Commander on the ground was Col. Charles Beckwith, the main inspiration for and leader of Delta Force. I mention all these things to give some credibility to this story. Fact (mentioned above) can be stranger than fiction.

The first true thing mentioned is that Sloane felt unaccepted by her colleagues in training and, later, on her operational test to kill an ISIS leader. Sloane was from the US, why would she be with the Mossad? True, it would be an unusual case. It is not the habit for intelligence services to trust people of other nationalities. Use, yes, trust, no. As Sloane reflects on her type of training, all that and much more is true. Talia is a psychiatrist assigned to evaluate Sloane before she leaves on her test operation. True, psychiatrists evaluate not only field operatives but support position analysts and trainers, such as Mika, Sloane’s principal trainer. Mika had been dismissed from a previous assignment but was still allowed to be involved with high-level training. This is also true. Chances for rehabilitation are common. Not unlimited, but good talent is not discarded.

There are some unrealistic elements. One is connected to the title. What is spin drift? What is said is true, but it is unrealistic to tell someone at the last minute that they will be the sniper on a do or die mission when the first reaction of the sniper (Sloane) is an off-handed “Oh, yeah, I fired one of these in training.” Nope, that doesn’t quite work.

Overall, this is an interesting story and should not be discounted as improbable rubbish as so many of this genre are. I gave this short story four Amazon stars.



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