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To Post Or Not To Post

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I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year as far as blogging and posting book reviews. I stayed with my general policy of not reviewing certain novels because they are thinly disguised porn. I’ll keep that resolution. I don’t want to write negative reviews; I don’t see the point because I will not waste my time by engaging in the type of dialogue I have seen on a national level. This second resolution is one I will bend a bit in the review posted below. I will not post the review on Amazon, Goodreads, or BookBub, sites I usually post to in addition to this one. But I will post the review here because I took the time to download the novel and comment on some of the good points until there were so many errors I abandoned the book. This is the first time I have stopped and given up in approximately 800 reviews.

I found a new “umbrella” site through which I could request review copies from authors; Voracious  Readers Only. If I liked the book, I click on a button and the author would either respond or not. Perhaps all review copies had been allocated. In the case below, the author responded by sending me a PDF copy (no other option) and a very detailed, near fill-in-the-blank, template as to how I should write my review.

PDF files are very annoying for me. Although there are conversion tools to mobi, my favorite format, things don’t always translate into a form I can easily work with. As a result, I only review mobi files. Not a problem, I just went to the Amazon site and found I could download the book into my KU file. While I can and will accept ARC novels with some (as in not many) proofing errors, I don’t accept published works for sale on Amazon to appear in a slovenly manner noted in the partial review below. If I had paid for it, I would have returned it because It sells for USD 2.99. Returning something on KU might not even be possible but if it were, it would be a waste of my time.

I sent the author a copy of the review below and mentioned I would post the review only on this site. The waste of my time warrants some form of response.


In Get Out Of My Dreams by Allan J. Lewis readers first meet Alice and John, a seemingly happily married couple who wake up over a series of mornings dressed differently than when they went to bed. The doors they thought they had locked were unlocked. Alarms that had should have gone off didn’t. And there were empty condom wrappers in the bedroom that didn’t seem to be related to any sexual activity. I want to know what is going on. I am already at chapter six and the only thing I know is that the couple had very similar dreams, they had decided to call the police over at least the security issue of unlocked doors, and someone had called the FBI. So far, I am hooked by this story. I am even willing to overlook, up to this point, some annoying formatting problems. I assume the author was not trying to do the following.

Chapter 1


eep-beep. The alarm clock woke Alice out of her deep sleep. Beep-beep. (p.1).


Chapter 3


lice and John went that morning to the local clinic for their blood tests. (p. 15).

If the above two examples were done to be eye-catching and attractive, register me as a non-fan of this style. And yes, this annoyance holds for every chapter. Still, the story was interesting. The relationship between Alice and John has interesting tensions. I couldn’t predict whether the secrets each of them had would cause an eventual breakup. Their situation was as interesting to me as the existence of Magic Man and his unique set of problems. But I will never know how things turned out. I blame it on Chapter 12

The problem began on page 83. This is how page 83 appeared on my Kindle Paperwhite and on my laptop Kindle application.


all the same, and under hypnosis Alice had

to tell him the truth.

She told him just as it had happened, and

how she felt. Joe asked

her what she thought he should do about

taking the job offer, and

what John thought. She told him John

didn’t trust the Feds;

however, Alice thought it was a golden

chance for him to make a

clean break and put his powers to good use.

They talked in

whispered tones for a while, as if Joe was


The following page appeared normal; the page following that went back to a truncated style. This pattern continued throughout Chapter 12. I continued to read. Things improved in chapter 13 until I came to page 93 when there was a huge paragraph break which occurred in the middle of a sentence.

At this point, I abandoned the book. This was not an author’s ARC with notes that there might be minor proofing problems.

I did not assign any Amazon stars to this work.




2 thoughts on “To Post Or Not To Post

  1. Whew. Seems like a frustrating experience, enough to warrant a negative review. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting negative reviews, we are all entitled to our opinion, after all and everyone on Twitter who complains about negative reviews, well, freedom of expression is a human right. The book does sound interesting, shame about the, er, format. I hear authors and publishers may become very selective with who they grant ARC’s to in the future, so let’s see how that plays out.

    1. I see that coming on the ARCs. Two sites I currently like: Voracious Readers Only and Booksprout. both sites do follow-ups and rate reviewers.

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