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Golems of Change

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A 78-page presentation, The Golem of Prague by Steven Moore is one novel in the Hiram Kane Action Thriller series. The novel’s cover suggests that there are elements of Jewish lore and Nazi atrocities. This short novella is to introduce the reader to Steven Moore’s writing style. Other than an interesting story, readers will learn more about history and legends. In this story, the legend of the Golem of Prague has a historical background. Originally a spirit or monster created by a Rabbi to protect Jews, the monster eventually went rogue and killed those inside the Jewish community.

Magda was a woman slightly off the rails who believed she was the present-day reincarnation of the Golem. Her hatred was targeted against Jews exclusively. Extreme political activism requires as much money as legitimate mainstream political action and Magda had come up with a plan to get several million Euros. First, there would be an insurance policy. Magda, posing as a tour guide, kidnapped a teacher and her eight Jewish charges as they were visiting an art history museum. Secreting them in caverns below the museum, she needed to find an active, knowledgeable person to perform a theft of a valuable painting.

She would kidnap two experts from a seminar. Hiring an unwitting confederate who had dreams of bedding her, she attended the seminar and concentrated on a keynote speaker while her confederate subdued a friend of the speaker, Hiram Kane. Hiram was an admirer of the speaker, John Haines. Magda would threaten to hurt Haines if Kane didn’t cooperate. The pair of them would be encouraged to cooperate to get the children and teacher released. Magda demonstrated her dedication to her cause by shooting several people.

Hiram Kane is the only person who can resolve this problem and save people. But can he save all of them? Readers will read this action novel and decide whether to buy further works by Steven Moore. I gave this work four Amazon stars. Although the story by itself would not sustain a four-star rating, the inclusion of urban legends, history, art history, and detailed scene-setting pulls the plot up from three stars.



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