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Is Laurie Real?

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The Colors of Autumn by Jay Lemming is a coming of age very short story. At only fourteen pages, this should take a reader about one-half a cup of coffee (caffeinated) to read. I found this story as I was wandering through some Amazon author pages and stumbled across this sentence: “The Colors of Autumn is the tale of a dying season and of naivete brought to the doorstep of depravity.” It is not fair to put such shiny objects in the path of an eclectic reader.

This short story suggests several paths to its conclusion and then follows none of them. Who is Goldilocks and what might have happened to her? Who is the old guy the couple spied upon in the woods? Lemming writes a great description of his appearance as he suggests very dark possibilities.

This line is evocative of dark thoughts: “But the leaf-choked water sounded strangled, though I’d never heard anyone being strangled.” (Kindle location 74).

Even Laurie, a principal character in this story of budding romance, seems more like a wraith than a real person.

This short story performs its function well by sparking reader interest in other works by the author. At only USD 0.07 per page, it is the same price as a cup of coffee at your favorite before work hangout. I give it five Amazon stars for originality.


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