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Let’em Eat Cookies

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Time for a Twittering Tale expressed in 280 characters. Below is this week’s photo prompt, Kat’s submission, and my take. With many States of the US taking a more liberal view of the pesky weed, I felt it safe to recount a personal experience, keeping in mind that everything is examined by government agencies. But that is OK because Fearless Leaker (he really can’t keep a secret, ask Bob M.) tells us that he doesn’t believe his spy guys. That makes me innocent. Just like him.

I felt a lot of empathy for Cookie (my submission below). Although I was not in the US Navy, in my military career I traveled a lot. After a career in which I moved house 23 times in 23 years, I just continued traveling. It is true that during my time in Phnom Penh marijuana was considered a condiment. It rested on restaurant tables alongside salt, pepper, and soy sauce. One of my favorite hangouts was Happy Herb’s Pizzas by the lakeside of the Tonle Sap. Herb’s Pizzas were happy to the point of delirious.

Twittering Tales #121 – 29 January 2019

Photo by Oleg Magni at

She knew the recipe by heart. Butter, flour and sugar, a few drops of vanilla. These days bakers use fancy appliances to mix the dough, but not Irene. She’d press the flour and butter between her fingertips Into a buttery dough. “Makes the cookies sweeter,” she’d say with a wink.


278 Characters

My submission

A Navy cook who had traveled the world before retirement, Cookie’s bakery job was a natural choice. Cookie wanted to give back to the community for the good life he was living. The ingredients Cookie brought from Phnom Penh where Ganja was a condiment would make customers happy.

280 characters



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    1. I was US Army and hid most of the time in the intelligence side of things which practically meant I didn’t wear a uniform too much. Since most of my work was in Asia, I passed through Hawaii a lot for briefings, updates and all out fun. Interesting times indeed.

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