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Writing Types

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The emphasis of the Twittering Tale this week relates to literacy and how we can express ourselves as we attempt to communicate with one another. I like the photo prompt Kat provided. This doesn’t even look like an electric typewriter. There is an advantage to that when living in a country with an unstable electrical supply (as I do). There has been a technology “skip” in countries like Indonesia. Many homes do not have landline telephones; they are not needed in a country where everyone carries handphones. An infrastructure that supports residential phones has not developed and why should it?

Many of my university students come from islands where there is little exposure to technology. They are unfamiliar with typewriters but can use mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and PCs. What would happen if they were thrust into a situation where the only option for writing is either a typewriter or a stubby pencil?

And because all of this is related to literacy, I can’t resist posting this link.

No wonder we now know the State of our Union so clearly. It was presented at a level we can understand!

And now on to this week’s Twittering Tale, a creation of …

Go to her site and play in the creative sandbox with lots of bloggers.

Twittering Tales #122 – 5 February 2019 – It starts with one word…

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“It starts with one word Charles. Do you know what that word is?”
Sweat saturated Charles’ brow streaming down his face. He knew they were on to him.
“Geeze, guys, you know me. What’s in a word?”
“One word, Charles…”
“Loyalty. Right? Am I right?”
“Charles, Charles…you pain me.”


278 Characters

My attempt:

Is this better than pencil and paper? They sent me to this remote village to serve my sentence. No electricity, they let me have this infernal machine to write censored stories and poems. Very cruel, they know I can’t use English. Tell me, where is the key to change language?


276 characters.


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