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We Can Live On Beer

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In Idle Hands by LuAnne Turnage, we meet a retired couple, Joe and Eva. They had lived their adult working lives in the woods of Michigan but had lived in retirement in Florida for twenty-one years. This made them very old; they might even be past their expiry dates except for the beer. There was only one thing older than Joe and Eva; something that could outlive anyone and anything: cockroaches. Eva had been terrified of them when she first moved to Florida but after an introduction to the local exterminator, she was able to lead a “normal” life.

The exterminator must have loved Joe and Eva. Joe’s insistence on periodically removing trash from their apartment had worn down Eva to the point that the two of them lived in comparative filth. The most hygienic part of the apartment was the refrigerator shelves that supported Joe’s beer cans. Empty beer cans both in the kitchen trash bin and around it attracted potential alcoholic cockroaches.

At their ages, there was not much for the elderly couple to do and see other than making beer and food runs. Florida heat kept them in the apartment watching activities in the neighborhood. Gout and arthritis produced challenges to opening beer cans. When new neighbors moved into the apartment below them, Eva felt it only right to greet them with the latest store-bought homemade cookies. What she saw when she met the new neighbors screamed domestic abuse. The new neighbor lady was in danger. Chalk it up to Eva’s intuition.

Sure enough, it wasn’t even twenty-four hours before the screaming started. Who could survive the overheard evidence of physical violence? Eva encouraged Joe to call the police. He did. They arrived. Who died? Who survived? Read this very short story to find out.

These short reads are what makes Kindle Unlimited a good deal. You could read three of these for no cost with KU while drinking one cup of coffee (with a refill). In their genre, almost flash fiction, they are five-star reads.


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