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Twittering Hearts

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It’s another one of those special events that lay claim to being a holiday but what the heck, how can you criticize a holiday that expresses love, even if some of it is in the puppy stages. Like when you were young and naïve and didn’t wonder what the candy was going to do to your teeth. Two guys in my story this week didn’t have to worry about that. They were probably on their second or third set anyway (of teeth, not hearts). But as Boomers shrink to something more resembling Echoes, there are other health worries.

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Kat Myrman


Twittering Tales #123 – 12 February 2019 – Candy Hearts

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Secret Admirer

“Whoooh, someone has a secret admirer,” Amy teased.

“I know,” Jan sighed, “at first it was kinda fun. Little message hearts on my desk each day…time 2 dance, angel, wink wink…

“That’s so sweet. What’s wrong?”

“I found one this morning on my night stand. It said, crazy 4 you.


278 Characters

My submission:

At coffee, two octogenarians discussed last night’s Valentine Eve party. “Not exchanging cards, good idea; small candies that you don’t have to chew are better.” “Did you read the message?” “Yep, the message I got was mysterious but heartfelt. Sweet Pea … nice, but misspelled.”

278 characters



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