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Give It A Shot

3 min read

In Peace and Goodwill by LuAnne Turnage, we have a short horror story of medical research run amok. The night should have been a great one for Senator Ted Stone. His signature bill, one he had worked for with all his strength had passed. He had worked hard in the Senate and hard at home. His wife Carol had not supported him at home and, from her elevated position of morality bolstered by religious faith, had even opposed him. It didn’t help that the new law had the unfortunate title Mandatory Flu Vaccine Bill 666, it further incited the ultra-religious fanatics.

Ted couldn’t understand Carol’s resistance to vaccination, mandatory or voluntary. She had been present with Ted at the bedside of their baby girl when death took her. The doctors had told the parents it was the flu that killed their daughter, not a common cold. Carol grieved their loss through more intense religious devotion and sought answers as to why the death was necessary. Ted went a different route as he helped obtain support for a very creative scientist working on cutting edge technology in medical research. The result was today’s passage of a law requiring vaccination and threatening jail sentences for those who refused.

Ted’s problem was the creative scientist who Ted named (behind the scientist’s back) Mad Monty. Mad Monty tended to produce what was demanded, as in the vaccine but was known to go off on tangents and perform research on projects only of interest to him. Ted noticed that numbers and statistics were more important to Monty than humanity. Ted was always watching Monty to ensure that there weren’t cowboy rogue projects involving human subjects for testing.

Monty wanted to meet with a supporter of the recently enacted law and Ted’s boss had told him he would be the one to see what Monty wanted and deal with any problems. Ted had to do it now, immediately, on a night he thought should be reserved for cigars, whiskey, and Bethany.

Ted went to the creepy facility to meet the mad scientist and his worst fears were confirmed. Mad Monty wanted Ted to visit and wanted to reveal his latest project to Ted. It was vast in scope and held great promise for all humanity. Except for one small detail.

This is another short read one-coffee read. Don’t add cream and sugar. You won’t have time. Or you could read two of the short stories and add the condiments. There are eight stories in all; each one free to read with Kindle Unlimited. Or you could pay USD 8.99 for the collection. Why is this even a choice? So far, each one I have read is a five-star Amazon read in its genre.



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