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Have a Heart

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Carly was a very serious student of the Bible. She listened to the Pastor’s sermon every week and followed up with research to find Bible quotations that would illustrate and supplement the weekly message given by the Pastor. In Hypocrites by LuAnne Turnage, we meet Carly as she attempts to get in serious morning study before husband Paul woke up and prepared for work. Luckily, Paul was knowledgeable of Bible verses and could direct her studies. She had so many questions.

One question was why Paul had chosen this specific church to attend every week. Every parishioner was wealthier than Carly and Paul. She felt snubbed by all in her Bible study group. After one year, only one woman had invited her to anything. Everyone looked down on her appearance and the choice of clothing she wore. But the worst was the air of superiority in the group as they talked of the disadvantaged, the homeless, the needy who appeared on town streets and corners.

Carly felt that she was qualified to teach people in her study group about the values they preached but not practiced. She was not looking for meaningless theoretical talk and discussion. Carly would lead by practical application. The voices would guide her. She didn’t need to take those pills anyway; she felt fine without them.

This is a coffee break short read. You can buy it for USD 1.24 on Amazon or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. The coffee you are drinking while reading this probably cost more than the price of this story. This is a five-star reading experience. How does it rate with your coffee?




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