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45 is an Unlucky Number

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With the exception of Kat Myrman’sTwittering tales once a week, I am not a fan of reblogging the work of others. I especially resist material that mentions the Travesty in Chief currently disguising himself as a member of the human race. (NOTE: “himself” is used here as correct with a deferential nod to the political correctness people. Anybody want to demand inclusion in the trainwreck to which “he” belongs)?

This Ode points out the warts that surface as temporary occupants of the house in the swamp interpret their role while exercising great power. It might even encourage some to look back in history and see how people, like us, reacted at the time and tried to cope with an imperfect system. Those were different times, unlike now when people, like us, are apathetic and willing to accept all kinds of public indecencies; physical, ethical, and moral.

If history can be viewed as a pendulum swinging from one extreme to another, I think the arc of that swing has become wider over time. I look at the turbulent ’60s when people were involved on both sides of efforts to end a war and bring down a corrupt leader. Now, with a younger crowd living in the basements of parents from that same generation, we have no involvement to end many wars and bring down a leadership that defines corruption.

Where did we (the people) go?

Ode to Presidents Day

On this winter day, we honor the presidents,
All of the Oval Office’s residents.
All 45 of them, each one a man
Who held the highest office in the land.
We pay homage today to the best and the worst,
Georges 41 and 43, as well as George the First.
Honest Abe Lincoln, who could not lie.
William Henry Harrison, who after one month would die.
Hoover, who was haunted by the Depression.
Truman, who left a lasting impression.
Obama, noted for his eloquence.
Coolidge, remembered for his silence.
Ike, whose wartime exploits made him shine.
Nixon, whose coverup led him to resign.
We remember the Adamses, father and son,
And the writings and deeds of T. Jefferson.
Andrew Johnson and Clinton were impeached,
But the final verdict was favorable to each.
FDR, who steered us through World War II.
Jack Kennedy, whom we hardly knew.
Gerald Ford, oft lampooned on Saturday Night Live.
Jimmy Carter, the oldest “ex” still alive.
They and the others all did their best.
But the current occupant does not pass that test.
He tweets and he golfs while his family earns.
He won’t let us see his tax returns.
He shut down the country over a wall,
His hands and his brain are freakishly small.
Let’s hope that one of the Democrats’ picks
Will be elected next year to become 46.


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Follow their website for different views on the current National Emergency that is POTUS.




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