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Candace by Michelle Miller can be found as one of the Amazon Original Stories (AOS) in a collection titled The Fairer Sex. This is Book One of an eight-book series. All can be read one at a time for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription or the collection can be purchased as a set (not for free). all the short stories emphasize “short.” Candace, the first story in the series is only twelve pages. Grab a cup of coffee. You will finish the story before you finish the coffee.

Candace is a short examination of a search for equality between the sexes as it is played out in a restaurant between Candace and Patrick. They were on a blind date which Patrick had rescheduled twice but only out of consideration for Candace. This is explained in the longest sentence I have ever read in a short story:

“Because between the half bottle of wine and the way he was looking at her, and the surprise that still lingered from the moment she’d walked in, having made a more-than-lip-gloss-but-less-than-leg-shaving effort toward the blind date, which she’d agreed to, after he’d rescheduled twice, only because the restaurant he’d suggested had a salmon preparation she particularly liked, and found him reading the New Yorker, which was as contradictory to the expectations she’d set based on the sharp suit and look of disdain in his LinkedIn profile picture as the conversation he’d immediately begun—about the implications of want and need being the same word in Arabic, which he’d just read about in the magazine’s review of Lawrence Faber’s new film—she’d lost track of what she was going to say.” (Kindle locations 15-18).

The above quote is from Candace’s first serious examination of Patrick as a possibility for future, closer relationships. Patrick knows all the right things to say. He pushes all the emotional buttons. And then …

It is time to pay the bill. The results are surprising with a perfect twist at the end. This is good value as a five Amazon star Kindle Unlimited read. I would even pay to read this (if I had to).





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