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Shopping Organic

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Here is a comment I posted at the end of this review. I want to repeat here. This short story has very descriptive writing related to sex. It falls far short of porn, but it is NSFW (not this review, the short story). Consider this a trigger warning.

Meredith by Michelle Miller can be found as one of the Amazon Original Stories (AOS) in a collection titled The Fairer Sex. This is Book Two of an eight-book series. All can be read one at a time for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription or the collection can be purchased as a set (not for free). All the short stories emphasize “short.” Meredith, the second story in the series is only sixteen pages. Grab a cup of coffee. You will get wrapped up in the story, but you can finish it before your coffee gets cold.

Meredith may not have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, but she had ended up in the wrong store for fast check-out. All lines, to include cash only payments, looked like lines at a rock star concert. Readers will enjoy her contemplation as she reviews each item in her shopping cart. What items could she abandon? (I had to look up FAGE; I had no idea). Meredith knew she should have shopped online but she had made her selections and had found the secret of life in the form of paleo maple-pecan coconola. Not always available in stores; online shoppers always got her order wrong. Her discovery of the treat this time condemned her to an immediate fate of joining a community waiting to pay. It was amazing what one could learn about the personal lives of fellow shoppers.

Meredith at thirty-three was still finding herself but that was because no one else was looking for her. She had graduated from university with a useless degree for all but the student loan folks. They were willing to accept her payments into infinity. Meredith moved into the Big City in time to catch the full force of the financial crisis. She had lost her well-paying job and now did drudge work for a salary less than her male colleagues. After ten years, Meredith was spending her one free night from work in a check-out line. While waiting, she had eaten all her paleo maple-pecan coconola and parried annoying comments from a man also eating in the line while searching on Tinder.

She had to find more food. The annoying Brit promised to save her place in line. While searching the granola bins, she heard her name. It was the annoying Brit who had found her on Tinder. It was almost a joke post from ten years before; she had almost forgotten about it.

The very descriptive writing that follows is NSFW. It is also for those who are in training for Olympic gymnastics. This is another five Amazon star read as long as a reader doesn’t mind some NSFW stuff.




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