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Clara by Michelle Miller can be found as one of the Amazon Original Stories (AOS) in a collection titled The Fairer Sex. Clara is Book Five of an eight-book series. All can be read one at a time for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription or the collection can be purchased as a set (not for free). All the short stories emphasize “short.” Clara, the fifth story in the series is only twenty-four pages. Clara is a frustrated writer looking for a reader. Can you empathize? Grab a cup of your favorite cha. Or whatever people call tea in your language.

Clara is a writer with a successfully published book. Although not trained in finance, her debut novel was about finance. Readers had been impressed enough to invite her to conferences at which she sat on panels which discussed financial issues. She may not have been trained in finance, but it occupied a central role in her family. That is how the breadwinner of the house made the real money. All she wanted was his approval and an acknowledgment of her success. But he had never read the book and showed no interest in doing so. She even wrote a special dedication to him in a signed edition she gave him as a gift. Even that didn’t motivate him to read her work. All he did was read his Blackberry and financial newspapers.

And he was rude in a way that only the truly wealthy can display in public with impunity. They had prepared to go to dinner at one of the finest restaurants followed by a film premiere of a French film that would be attended by stars and the director of the film. But in the restaurant, he had left her alone for almost an hour. She had had to put up with the comments of the old ladies around her smiling and commenting on her several-years-older partner. When he finally rejoined her, the meal was rushed so that they could be on time for the film.

At the theater, Clara almost had time to meet the director before the film. She did not meet him but when the two made eye contact, Lawrence seemed to recognize her. She and Michael went to their seats before the film started but by the time it began, Michael was in the lobby with his Blackberry. And the film director, Lawrence, was not watching the film. Instead, he was reading her book. After texting a few comments, Lawrence invited her backstage where he presented elements of his film from a very different perspective. The language is a bit sexual during this part of the story, but it is not offensive.

The film comes to an end and Clara must get back to the lobby to meet the car on time. She is thrilled to have met a man who appreciated her book. She is not so thrilled to be with a man who has not even read it. Clara and the two men meet in the lobby. She makes an interesting comparison. And in this surprise ending, she decides on the market or niche for her next book. There is an ending worth reading for in this five-star Amazon read.



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