Pay Attention to the Signs

For this week’s Twittering Tale, I was reminded of ivory tower academics divorced from reality who for whatever reason tend to overthink every possible facet of a problem so that in the end there can be no practical solution acceptable to those charged with implementing a solution. The person who comes to mind is National Security Advisor John Bolton. I always thought of him as a scary person, someone too rash to be trusted next to the good china (nuclear weapons). His condemnation of North Korea was in line with what I thought of the Hermit Heretic. But his views were expressed too harshly in a binary way that I considered dangerous (We win, You Lose, Accept it). I never considered him an ivory tower academic. These days, he is trying to disguise himself as one. Just as he was a danger when he rattled sabers, he is now a danger as he defends the loving sentiments of a Commander in Chief who finally was persuaded to go to Vietnam. Democracy Don would visit the Hermit Hero to deliver a belated Valentine. They would have lunch. They would make nice.