No One is Innocent Here

Image by elizabethaferry from Pixabay

Rumors by Phil M. Williams gives a false impression that it is a very long novel. Kindle lists it as 492 pages and the novel’s Table of Contents presents the reader with 146 chapters. This is deceptive. It is a one-session read and I felt it was a page-turner. Students will like the portrayals of inter-teacher and administrative political bickering. Some teachers might read this and shake their heads at familiar situations. Just like the title indicates, this is a novel about gossip, rumors, and the tremendous amount of damage that can occur to careers and personal lives. The novel is up-to-date as there is school violence, school bullying, and liberal use of Facebook. It is easy to read the book as far as the complexity of language. Sexual situations are minimal and described in non-salacious terms. I will recommend Rumors to my English as Second Language learners.