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Don’t Go Into the Diner

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Image by Björn Schrempp from Pixabay

Haveaheart’s Trap by Michael Allan Scott is a 12-page story published in 2019 with the aim of showcasing the author’s writing talent. It is available for free as an author’s promotion from his website or email offers or it can be purchased from Amazon for USD 0.99 which turns it into a verified purchase. I believe that makes a difference as far as reviews are concerned.

Havaheart's Trap

Unnamed Main Character (MC) stops at a mom and pop store for a cold drink and a snack. But all the cold drinks are warm. The only one working in the store is an attractive but shy young woman, a woman whose attractiveness is well disguised but seemingly familiar. She had purchased the store after her husband died but found making a go of the business extremely difficult. Also unnamed, she is willing to show MC where further electrical connections can be checked.

The large, deserted, and in an advanced stage of decay unused storeroom is on the verge of collapse. Then it collapses, killing MC and attractive store owner. But the two characters are not finished interacting with each other. Then there is the monster and possibly monsterettes.

So, the story continues. The writing style builds up the suspense well, even after the death of the characters. This short story performs its function well. I will read further works by this author. This short read is a five-star read in its genre.





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