Drugs and Rock & Roll

Image by Alexander Antropov from Pixabay

Arc of a Shooting Star by Simon Northouse is Book One of a Shooting Star Series. The series name is a pleasant play on words for the Shooting Tsars, a successful music group from a decade earlier. The band was wildly successful artistically but far less successful financially due to a cleverly written contract that disguised legalized robbery. The group disbanded after a five-year run because of a contract dispute that went to the courts. The band lost the court case and there were huge financial settlements the group members had to pay. The taxman never sleeps. After five years on the road, many of the group members were tired of being around each other; each group member went his own way. Some got jobs, there was one convert to Christianity, one went on the dole, and Will, singer and glue of the team, assumed the life of a country gentleman.