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War is Hell

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Image by Gerhard Bögner from Pixabay

Race the Devil by Martin E. Silenus is Book One in The Vietnam Trilogy. It is a very short (25 pages) read. The author chose to divide the story into six chapters. In Chapter One, protagonist  PFC Hudson Reynold (Hud), asks Daria to marry him. It is crucial he ask because there is always an immediate deployment for a Marine Sniper. In fact, he is already in Vietnam, and the engagement scene is a dream.

The story is one of snipers looking for a sniper. The description of jungle scenes, the weather (humid) and the reports of military life when not engaged in direct military action are accurate. Some of the macho imagery, as expressed in language, is exaggerated. The vast quantities of alcohol and drugs consumed may be understated.

Weapons capabilities and some tactics are accurate. I don’t see anything that would interest a general reader. I spent my time in-country (generally considered to be Vietnam) so this is of interest to me. I would be interested in talking with the authors over a beer in a Bangkok Vietnam Veterans hangout. They are decreasing in number, and I haven’t seen them replaced by watering holes for Iraq and Afghanistan war vets.

I give this limited-interest and mostly accurate story three Amazon stars. It is available as a free read on Kindle Unlimited. I believe that is the only way it should be read, as a free read. The purchase price for this story is overstated for an account of 25 pages.

CLARIFICATION: A Marine Sniper has a justified reputation as a well-trained warrior of the U. S. Marine Corps; he is not a hunter of aquatic life.



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