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Should I Supersize That

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There is no place like home as our caped hero found out on his return from his all planet tour. It had been years since he had been back. Even at the speed of light, things take time. Things had changed and he missed the comfort of a full-body wrap-around phone booth. Lois Superwoman was now a member of the Crusader team and they were back from their honeymoon to defend the American Way. First, he had to check in to see what was needed. Several elements of the American Way had changed. He wanted to meet the Boss but even that had changed. Springsteen never had orange hair.

The Capitol had moved to Mar a Lago and the new Trumpter of the American Way had invited the Crusading Couple to come down and begin a campaign against the Chinese threat to golf courses. Outwardly, they appeared as innocent little old ladies festooned with cell phones and parabolic antennas but there was no fooling Dear Leader. The Orange One was rather demanding when he asked to borrow a cape to go undercover and assume personal command. Superman was reluctant to lend it but, no fear, the Tiger Woods of Florida wanted to borrow Superwoman’s cape, declaring it far superior to the raincoats he usually wore on surveillance missions.

Their next mission was to the Southern border to replace three divisions of US troops. After all, they were super. They didn’t understand the mission and asked The-One-Who-Would-Be-Tan about policy related to immigration. Wasn’t everyone welcome? The answer was swift, sure, and confused. Only those tracing their Aryan bloodlines 1000 years back were truly welcome. His own father was born in the autonomous state of Germany, New York. Others could enter the country on probation but could only reside in sanctuary cities. Bus transportation provided on Trumphound, the biggest dog of bus lines.

Twittering Tales

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Twittering Tale      #132     16 April – 2019

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Pay Phone

“What’s that Gran?”

“Oh that? Well, for a quarter you could call someone and talk to them.”

“So it’s a phone?”

“Yes! I even remember when it only cost a dime!”

“Why would anyone pay?”

“Oh Sarah!” Gran laughed, “that was before smart phones!”

“Wow! That must’ve been a looong time ago!”


My Turn:

Co-ed bathrooms are OK, but Super Woman will hate it. There used to be doors from foot to taller than me. Who decided we should be publicly visible from the groin down? And who woulda’ thought aliens can write? In the interests of modesty, we will just have to be more cape-able.


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2 thoughts on “Should I Supersize That

  1. Haha. Very entertaining Ron. Enjoyed your ranting too, as always. You will appreciate my NaPoWriMo entry for today. We were prompted to write an abededarian poem…I’m not a fan of alphabet poems…but the topic is one I like to roast. 😉

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