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Secret War

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Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

Cambodia by Martin E. Silenus is Book Two in a Vietnam Trilogy. The writing in Chapter One is good descriptive writing of the jungle in which many soldiers lived. Hudson Reynolds (Hud) and Phoenix Wall (P-man) make up a two-person sniper team, one sniper, one spotter. They have less than one month before rotation to the US. In military slang, they are short timers. Just before return home, it is not a good idea to volunteer for dangerous missions.

There are minor misstatements. Contrary to what is reported in this story in Chapter Three, Special Ops were known to exist, sometimes very visibly. There are all kinds of Special Operations (Ops); missions, like described in this story, are one kind. US military operations in Cambodia were thinly disguised for many years.

There are four chapters in this novel, not twelve, as stated in the Table of Contents. Vocabulary, the locker room talk beloved by the current occupant of the White House, will rightly offend most females and even a few males.

As with Book One of the Trilogy, this is a novel of interest to a limited audience, war veterans. The price is higher than Book One at USD 1.99, making it an even better deal to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Because of misstatements, an inaccurate Table of Contents, and price, I rated this story at three Amazon stars. If I were not a veteran, I would have no interest in this novel.


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