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Endless Nights

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Image by Rene Tittmann from Pixabay

The Long Night is a short story by Rowan Rook published in 2018. I received this short story as a free download from Prolific Works.

Two weeks ago, the sun had gone down and never returned. Chaos and panic reigned in the streets. World religions changes as various prophets tried to bend the events to suit the prophecies of their faith. Amid all this, small groups coalesced to support each other.

One of these couples was Cass and Bay. They had stocked some food in their apartment and decided to isolate themselves until things returned to normal. Bay remembered the night briefly when she had Cass had partied in a bar. On their return home Bay remembered wishing that such a Friday night would last forever. They had never seen the sun after that night.

Claustrophobia took hold over time. It became worse as the food ran out. Soon Cass couldn’t stand living in an apartment anymore and left, telling Bay she would return quickly. Cass had decided to go in search of her sister Sarah, a sister who had been dead for years.

Now, it seemed Cass was calling out for Bay. After checking the door, Bay concluded that Cass existed in an ethereal sense only, perhaps only in Bay’s mind.

Then comes the point of the story. This short story gives an excellent analysis of dependence and co-dependence in very few words. The rest of the story provides a context for the examination. I would give this story four Amazon stars if I were to post it on Amazon. I post reviews of books I receive free from Prolific Works on my blog only.



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