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Wicked Secrets

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Wicked Verity (and other short stories) by Syd Hart is a collection of three short stories that might be horror stories, or they might be tales of bad luck. The decision is up to the reader.

A Ruffle In Time ***** Roy probably still loved his wife, Adele, but the two had agreed to a divorce. It was only fair because Adele was only twenty-six years old with many years to live. As a result of a climbing injury, Roy could never be a complete husband to her. Roy was able to leave Adele financially well off and still have enough money to fashion a well-appointed isolated cabin for himself in the mountains he loved. The cabin he found had been inhabited by a seventy-year-old woman who, it was presumed, had fallen over the cliff edge into a deep ravine. The body was never found. Roy depended on alcohol to get him through the cold and bleak winter, but when the weather cleared, he made his way to the cliff and gazed down at the scenes which had been both profitable and ruinous. Then the cries for help began. They were not loud, and their direction was difficult to determine. Only once did he catch a glimpse of something familiar. The cliff edge was dangerous; Roy felt compelled to post warning signs. He should have heeded his signs.

Wicked Verity ***** Olivia had an eventful life in which the events were not necessarily of her choosing. Verity was her constant companion ever since Susan had given her to Olivia. The gift was just before Susan went over a cliff. A few years later A neighbor girl, Emily, had broken her leg climbing a familiar tree. Verity had weakened a branch. Another neighborhood girl, Betty, had been hurt when her bicycle malfunctioned. Verity had been a witness to everything. She was even watching as Olivia’s mom fell two stories to the ground of a parking garage. The police interrogated Olivia six times that time. One of the policemen even became her very good friend who was handy when she started entertaining traveling businessmen. Verity was always with her and occupied a place of honor near the balcony of her apartment. Verity saw and watched everything. But Verity was very wicked.

Supplemental Zones ***** Emily was near eighty but felt she had a few more years to go through the yearly ritual before making a final confession. Each year Emily went to the scene where she and Eleanor had gone out in a rowboat at the age of eight. Emily was born healthy but twin sister Eleanor was born disabled with a form of bone disease. There had been an accident and Eleanor’s body was never found. This year, at age eighty, she prepared to do the birthday ritual again. This year, there would be a difference.

This set of three short stories provoke the mind. The twists are not remarkable, but they are good. I will look for the author’s novel promised in April 2019. (It is May; I haven’t seen it yet.) This collection is a four-star Amazon read which I received through Prolific Works for free.


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