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Just Checking In on My Creation

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The last laugh will be on the climate change nay-sayers when the climate strikes back. Currently, nature is resisting, but not yet forcefully. First, it looks like mother nature is going to take back the honeybees. Mom always punished us by taking away the sweets first. This time, it is more than honey which will disappear. Next, it will be water. There will be plenty of water, but cities don’t survive well under water as sea levels rise. And humans don’t digest saltwater very well.

Humans are reacting stereotypically. Rather than take advice as to how to minimize harm to the planet, leaders adopt policies of how to protect institutions in place. I live in Indonesia. The capital is Jakarta, and it is sinking by measurable inches per year. Plans are underway to move the capital. There are no plans to decrease the vast amounts of discarded plastic bottles that overburden drainage systems and eventually become fish food. Not that plastic is the desired menu option of choice for the fish, but it has become unavoidable. There are no plans to stop the burning of fields on Indonesian islands in preparation for planting that result in smog and choking smoke blankets for Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. We take daily advantages for ourselves; the rest of you are on your own.

Globalization is more than an annoying buzzword. It is an expression of the reality that all our actions have consequences that can be explored for our amusement in movies such as the “Butterfly Effect.” Humanity is accountable. Several religions offer the promise of a return of a supreme being, but this may take an unexpected twist. Decades ago in my youth, there was a popular advertising slogan for a product I cannot remember. But I remember the words.

“It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature.”

Twittering Tales
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Twittering Tales #135 – 7 May 2019


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A Little Rain…

“They’re calling it the storm of the century. I’m telling you, we need to get to the shelter…now!”

“You go on. Ain’t nothin’ but a thunder storm. People go crazy over a little rain!”

“Come over here. Look. You call that a thunder storm?”

“Holy crap! Where’s that shelter again?!”


278 Characters

My Story:

Earlier, you crucified me. I promised to return; I’m back. Did you think I would come back as a bearded white tour guide to the heavens? I am all genders, all races, all of you, all. I created a perfect playground; you children try to destroy it. I am not amused. Play better.

276 characters.


1 thought on “Just Checking In on My Creation

  1. Wise words Ron. Children behaving badly is a common theme. Those same children will be begging “daddy” for mercy when they are left with the mess that they have made.

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