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Win Big by Losing Bigger

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This week’s Twitter Tale is brought to you by the economic policy with a slogan of “Win Big by Losing Bigger,” the Foxy Center of Inteligance, and the White House Press Briefing Room, also known as the Home of the Whopper.

As we stumble into another week of gut provoked policymaking, the Hamburglar in Chief has decided to levy another tax on an ever compliant sheepishly devoted “base.” That’s not the actual wording, the differently named taxes, tariffs, were stated as a punishment for China but will show up as higher prices for goods made in China, the goods purchased by US consumers. The Biggest Losing Billionaire explained to his flock that the answer was simple. Don’t buy the higher priced Chinese goods. Buy the cheaper goods made in America by Americans for Americans. He thought that was a nice turn of phrase and had heard it on his latest audiobook download.

In fairness, the Shepherd in Chief was being consistent. Americans were promised Mexico would pay for a wall that they(Americans) were paying for through government land confiscations, increased expenditures for troop movements to the US southern border, and increased funds for Greyhound bus tickets to sanctuary cities. If Americans could pay to punish Mexico; they should be willing to pay for punishments levied against China.

The economic policy may seem convoluted, but Trumponomics must be studied to be appreciated. There is even a special university set up (online) to study the doctrine. That earlier university closure you heard about was a blip on the Chinese made computer screen. The school will open again as soon as it can be withdrawn from mandatory court supervision. All credit cards and plans accepted. No credit? We have a plan for you. Check out for details.

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Twittering Tales #136 – 14 May 2019


Photo by NRD at Unsplash

House GuestsThey got a great deal! The house was close to schools and work, fenced in yard. It was perfect.When they asked the real estate agent about the low price, she told them some wild ghost story. They didn’t believe in ghosts.But that changed. It’s been empty since that first night.~kat

280 Characters

My story:

Workers arrived at the secret call center below Beijing McDonald HQ. They had lists of phone numbers to call the made-in-China (MIC) phones which would activate the control codes for the MIC refrigerators throughout the US. The two countries were spoiling for a fight. Tariffic.


278 characters.



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