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Many Anna(s)

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Anna is Book One in a series titled Stadler House by Roger Alderman. A short story of three worlds, the entire story occupies 750 Kindle locations. There is the world humans are familiar with; the one we occupy every day. There is the world of the dead, self-explanatory. Then there is the world of the in-between. This third world is inhabited by Anna, a girl who gives the title to this volume. She appears in the world of the living to reclaim those who have somehow cheated death. They were in accidents that should have killed them; they had near-death experiences but somehow survived when they should not have. Anna is in the story to reclaim them and bring them home.

Dr. Stadler has a house that looks like an ancient mansion. He has converted the estate with its many rooms into a home where he operates group and private therapy sessions for children who had near-death experiences. Anna has been in his care before, but she tends to escape. As the story opens, Dr. Stadler is bringing Anna back into custody. This time she will join other hand-picked children with near-death experiences. Dr. Stadler has no idea of Anna’s identity or mission. He and his wife Maggie run the home which, with Anna, has six children in residence. They conduct the sessions with their aim of researching the children’s experiences.

John, Tyler, and Rodney are the boys in residence. Anna, Emily, and Julie are the girls. Anna confuses everyone by referring to herself as “We.” Read the story to find out why. Dr. Stadler and Maggie fill out the total population of the house at eight people. All except Anna and Dr. Stadler have trauma in their past. Several of those are the reason Anna entered the custody of Stadler house. She, in her multiple personalities, is at home on a mission.

Read the book to find out how Anna gets each person to reveal their fears before she kills, or reclaims, them. She is not there for everybody. The short story is a fun read except for parts where the reader will stumble over basic grammar and phrasing errors. This novel would profit from some basic, low-level proofreading. For that reason, even though it is sold on the Amazon page for free and is additionally available on Kindle Unlimited for free, I give it only three Amazon stars. I will not read more by this author without some assurance that competent editors proofread the book.




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