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Swimming With Dolphins

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Image by Gilles Lagnel from Pixabay

The Wild Hunt by D. Frank Green is a collection of short stories. In an entertaining Foreword, the author mentions that these just grew out of random thoughts, ones that Green put in his Evernote files for later development. So, this is a reminder for would-be writers; carry a notebook all the time, everywhere! Read the Foreword; it is a bit inspiring. D. Frank Green writes as if he is sitting next to you on the stoop having coffee.

Dolphins ***** Somewhere in this story, things get scary. This story has a deceptive build-up to that point.

The Day The Angels Died ***** Did you ever wonder about the origin and form of Angels? Sure, you did. Here is how D. Frank Green sees them.

Letter Home ***** There is a struggle between Light and Dark. Logically, humans strive for the Light; they resist the evil of the Dark. It has been this way for thousands of years, but there are messengers to help humans in their struggle. Here is a letter from one such messenger who gives reasons for requesting a brief vacation.

Resistance ***** There was a conflict. One side was winning. The losing team had carried out resistance for an extended period. A final battle was looming. The conclusion might be a surprise ending.

The Longevity Project ***** The dinosaurs were a real belly laugh, but this was too much. (What follows is the definition of flash fiction).

Flowers To Freedom ***** A memorable line from this story is “I don’t know whether I’m dreaming I’m awake, or dreaming I’m sleeping.” (Kindle location 212). Here is a story that is for those who find AI terrifying.

Virus Are Sentient ***** The memorable line from this story is, “self-defense replaced gardening, home repair and reading as the number two indoor sport.” (Kindle location 411). Can you guess the Number One Sport?

Fountain Lady ***** What would you do for eternal life? What if it were expressed in a slightly different manner, eternal “life?”

World Building ***** Stacy is not happy with the patriarchal worlds she has been dealt. How is a girl to get ahead?

The Americans Arrive ***** Armand expected a bit of talk before action.

Fragmented timeline ***** Video games suck worse than mosquitos, especially before breakfast.

Before You Sleep ***** He was worried about the sameness of life. As an actuarial technician, there were no surprises left. Except for the cement truck. But even without that, he had nothing to worry about. The monitors were going to disinfect the tank in the morning.

It’s Only A Theory ***** The physician told him, the lawyers told him, the nurses told him, you can’t go through the MRI machine with all that implanted body metal jewelry. But he had rights and demands. In the end, he had only rites.

The Wild Hunt ***** This is a different take on a mother’s loss of a child to the powers known as “War.”.

These short stories display the unique writing talent of their author. The collection is available on Amazon for USD 2.99 or free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I look forward to reading more by this author. Because this is a collection of different kinds of short stories, some which pleased me more than others, I rated the overall set of accounts at four Amazon stars.


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