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Ethical? I Think Not

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Random City Limits by R. Scott Murphy is an addition to a project titled Fun Stories. The author describes this as a collection of Humor, Comedy, Essays, Parodies, Funny Short Stories & Pop Culture. With only 96 pages, the work delivers 28 snippets of fun. I looked forward to reading another fun collection of what might be called “Good News Stories. After all, I had enjoyed another publication titled Greatest Hits, also from Fun Stories. That collection was billed as a “forty story vacation.” I like that one, so I expected a fun read here.

But that did not happen. The forty story collection had 199 pages. I reviewed it here, The longer work sells on Amazon for USD 4.99 or can be read free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I read it on KU and was impressed with the author. I looked forward to reading more of this type of “good news stories.”

Random City Limits sells on Amazon for USD 0.99 and is also available as a free read on Kindle Unlimited. At USD 0.99, I bought the collection. Bad choice.

I cannot say every anecdote, story or snippet was in Greatest Hits, I was so disgusted with the great number that was similar that I might have missed something, but the odds were not looking good. From an examination of the forty-part-collection to an examination of the twenty-three-part collection, I could only find one difference.

I paid for the shorter collection.

I will not read more by this author.

I will not stand in the way of this author’s scramble for dollars by requesting a refund of USD 0.99.

I should give this grab for cash less than one Amazon star, but I don’t believe that is possible.

I searched for this title on the Amazon Associates page for a book icon that I could post with this review. Following is the icon that came up. Is it possible that we have yet another cover on a similar set of stories? Possibly, but I am not going to pay to find out.





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