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Writing Style Check 2

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Image by Martin Redlin from Pixabay

Killing Symphony is a serial killer short story of 32 pages by E. G. Ellory. It is part of a planned series, Short Thrills. The publication is called Book 1, even though it is a short story. It is not available on Kindle Unlimited and sells for USD 0.99 on Amazon. This reading is my second examination of the writing style of E. G. Ellory before I decide to add my name to his list of advance readers. Published in August 2018, it is followed by Ghostwalking, almost one year later.

Readers learn of David Hill, an assassin for fun with an artistic bent. When he feels the rage, he kills. Not only does he take trophies; he keeps the entire corpse of his victims and arranges them in artistic ways. Is that the reason “Symphony is in the title? No; to find out the reason for the title, read the short story.

David has rented a room in a house from a recluse who prefers minding his own business. Bill’s preferences have enabled David to remodel the basement into a type of artist’s gallery. Gallery visitors did not leave but become part of the art. David’s collection was coming along well as he collected several specimens for his collection. Each time there was a visitor or new tenant who rented a room from Bill, David’s group of artistic creations expanded.

There was one visitor who did not stay long enough to get David’s attention. Julie was a nurse who occasionally looked in on Bill. Once David had killed Bill, that was not going to happen. Julie continued to stop by, and David saw her as another art resource. David made a mistake.

To know what happened, read the short story. I found this story better developed than Ghostwalker and gave it four Amazon stars. Based on the writing style I saw in this story; I will volunteer to add my name to E. G. Ellory’s advance reader list. Ellory has a 128-page novel, First Storm, available for pre-order on Amazon and scheduled to be published June 11, 2019.









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