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Dark Short Stories

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Crime writer L. V. Hay presents three short stories in the collection The Lynmouth Stories. These are dark stories not played out in a world of physical torture and horror. Here is more evidence of the power of the mind over behavior and perception.

In Plain sight ***** Meg had been a nurse before the captivity. It was her desire and nature to help people that had gotten her and Danny into this mess. The stranger had not wanted her help; he had wanted a family. Now, he had one. Not a willing partnership, to be sure, and Meg was trying to find a way to escape. After using all her psychological skills to exploit the captor’s vulnerabilities, Meg had an idea, but she would need Danny’s help.

Killing Me Softly ***** Catherine was briefly jealous of her lover; he was only there at night. Where was he during the day? But periods of jealousy were brief because, after all, she had known him all her life. During their latest meeting, he had requested one more favor. Maybe he (or she) had gone too far.

Hell And High Water ***** The Dragon was Hell, and high water was what it brought along with the destruction of all things that could not endure a water-logged, submerged life. How could a holiday with an infant child and a serial abuser husband survive the abuse that Mother Nature seemed about to impose? Ask Naomi.

I was attracted to this collection by a review posted on I was surprised to find the book on sale by Amazon for USD 0.00. Hay has written a few novels longer in length, five works on writing screenplays, and one audiobook. Her longer books reside on my TBR shelf, and I look forward to reading them after I finish some review commitments. I gave this collection four Amazon stars and want to see if the high quality of writing carries over in longer works.




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