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Short Takes on Crime

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Four short crime stories make up the collection On the Edge by Robin Storey. This collection was published in 2019 and does not appear on the Amazon author page. Readers can download the collection for free through Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie). Storey mentions that this collection was put together for her subscribers, the kind of folks like me that haunt sites offering free books. Prolific Works offers the opportunity to explore many types of writing styles at the ultimate best price, free.

THE PISTOL ***** This first story is a “what if?” scenario. Imagine a traffic jam that is not stopped but is moving very slowly. The cause of the jam is in front of your car, and you imagine, “ What if a tire blows out on that car? It will then have to pull over, and traffic would move normally.” The scenario is passive. Now imagine you have the power to make the tire blow out. The “What if?” story has moved up one level. Neil, the protagonist of The Pistol, has advanced to this second level.

VIGILANTE ANGELS ***** This story is about an innovative way to get compensation for victims of sexual harassment? Is it legal, moral, or ethical? Readers must decide for themselves.

THE PERFECT JOB ***** This is a story of trust with a surprise ending. Should it have been a surprise ending, or is it a logical conclusion? Readers decide.

TAKEN FOR A RIDE ***** People who tell “war stories” are annoying. You know as you are listening to them the accounts cannot possibly be true. No matter what experience you have had, they have had almost the same experience …but more. They have faced more danger and solved problems with better results. But be careful accusing them of lying. There is always that one story that has a basis in fact. Ask Jed.



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