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Fake news Mirror

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Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

The Mirror by Irving Belateche is a short story published in 2019 on sale from Amazon for USD 0.99. It is also available on Kindle Unlimited. The story is about a young man who made good for a while. Then he became fortunate in meeting the love of his life. Later, he lost her and descended into a world of the supernatural. We never know the protagonist’s name. Readers might be tempted to call him Nicolo; the lady in the mirror, Carita, called him Nicolo. Was he Nicolo? Readers will have to read the story and make their own decisions. Only Carita’s decision makes a difference.

This well-written short story plays with three primary characters and a mirror. The Unnamed Narrator is in the present. Rebecca Ward is in the present; she is the owner of the mirror. The tall standing glass is not pretty, but it has a long provenance, back to the 1300s. Because the ugly mirror doesn’t fit in with any of Rebecca’s furniture, she wants to sell it. Rebecca calls on Unnamed Narrator, an antique dealer, to sell the mirror. Narrator doesn’t like the looks of the mirror either, but he likes the looks of Rebecca. Narrator accepts the mirror as a consignment and begins to date Rebecca. After several months of dating and with the mirror still unsold, Narrator wants to ask Rebecca to marry him.

Not only does Rebecca fail to answer Narrator; she disappears. Soon, foul play is suspected, and Narrator is the prime suspect. In some cases, when a man wants to propose marriage, he should ask the woman’s father. Although that was true in this case, Narrator should have also questioned the Mirror. The Mirror has the answers even though they may not be accurate.

This fun short story is worth four Amazon stars. I will read more by Irving Belateche. Based on the way he has described the Black Death in this novel, I will next read H2O; it appears to be a novel of an unstoppable virus.



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