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Not So Convenient Store

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Ninth and Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver is a 53-page mystery and thriller story. Deaver has always been an exciting read for me, whether in short story form or longer novels. The Bone Collector was my introduction to Jeffery Deaver; the reading experiences keep getting better and different. I don’t see what I consider “formulaic” writing; elements of originality are Deaver’s signature. Ninth and Nowhere is available on Amazon and is categorized as a “90 minute and under” read. Deaver displays his writing skill as he guides seven characters in a tightly controlled short story.

Jamal needs a gun, and he knows where to get one. He won’t tell Lester why he needs it. Although Lester doesn’t like to proceed with a blind transaction, Lester makes the sale.

Lester is involved in many gang activities; gun sales are just one endeavor. He sells the gun to Jamal, but Jamal has a rather original return policy on purchases.

Adam wants breakfast. The cheaper the alcohol, the better for Adam. Begging wasn’t paying all that well on this morning.

Lanie Stone read the coded message that told her to meet Michael at the hotel. She was at the point that she was about to tell her husband about her arrangement.

Carlos Sanchez needed to deliver a lot of cash to his new lawyer, a man who served two functions. He had offered to be a witness about indiscretions committed by the ex-wife of Carlos. It would help Carlos in a custody battle.

Brett Abbott was out of work. His former company was in bankruptcy. He needed work and had been offered a new job in probationary status. All he had to do was prove himself in this one morning.

Fromm was less than two months from retirement. An administrator, he was doing this assignment as a favor. It was so long since he had been on patrol, he couldn’t remember some of the police codes when he had to call in a report. Maybe the systems had changed.

The seven characters would come together one day in the morning at a Quick Mart. For many, it would not be called serendipity.

This short story is a five-star Amazon read by a talented writer with interests in many artistic fields. I recommend reading the material after the story to get an idea of the breadth of this writer’s talent. I will read more short stories and novels by Jeffery Deaver. This novel is available on Kindle Unlimited with an accompanying audiobook from Audible.




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