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Electricity Disappeared

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Image by GooKingSword from Pixabay

Overshadowed by Vannetta Chapman is a short story free for purchase on the Amazon website. It is a prequel to The Remnant series. Survivalists will like this story as there are tips for how to prepare for a coming disaster that will last, according to this story, approximately forty years. The event is not the Zombie Apocalypse and not Ebola or a similar type of virus. The devastation will stem from the effects of EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) that will have an origin from space, perhaps the sun. We don’t have to consider the source. Imagine that humankind must continue to exist without electricity. What caused it won’t matter.

Overshadowed follows the efforts of a State government (Texas) as its government officials plan for a system of government at the county level that will exist as near independent nodes because coordinated communication will not survive.

Gabe Thompson received the alert message for Operation Nightshade while at a neighborhood barbershop. He had one hour to get his “Go” bag and report to military headquarters where he would be briefed on the implementation of a program he had spent two years training for along with 254 others, the number related to Texas county organization. Before he left for the military base, he had given his apartment key to Leonora, a neighbor. She was free to take and use anything in the apartment Gabe would not be returning.

After Gabe left, Leonora went to the apartment to find it stocked floor to ceiling with canned goods and vast amounts of staples such as salt. Leonora did not know what was going on, but she worked in a hospital. She had been trained in disaster response and triage. It was not difficult for her to connect dots. She loaded as much of the supplies as possible in an SUV and left for her parents’ house in a small Texas town with no industries and no tourist attractions. No one ever stopped there. The city was used to being self-sufficient, and their ability to do so would be tested along with the rest of the world during the next cataclysmic event.

In an author’s note readers find this: “ Research by NASA scientists indicates there is a 12 percent chance a large storm will happen in the next ten years. This report stresses that a coronal mass ejection, or CME, is not physically harmful, but it could blow out transformers in power grids and disrupt satellite systems, including GPS. A recent assessment by the Department of Homeland Security reported to Congress that a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event caused by a solar flare could leave more than 130 million Americans without power for years.” (Kindle locations 717-719).

And to think people are worried about conspiracy theorists. This scenario seems to be much more likely and probable, disasters that don’t need the meddling of humans. Overshadowed is a four star Amazon read. The writing is good in this short story, and I look forward to reading at least some of the Remnant series.



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