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Dark Flash Fiction

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A Taste of Darkness by Byn Always is a collection of fifteen “Short Stories to Keep You Awake.” Many qualify as flash fiction. These are things to read during a coffee break, waiting in the doctor’s office or at boring meetings for which your boss makes attendance compulsory. The boss doesn’t go, of course, so you might as well take something along to read.

Listen to the Children ***** Marianne had no problems getting her head, hair, and face makeup just right although she did resent all the time it took a woman to get ready to go out. Arranging the tentacles took more time.

Saved ***** He had questions for her as he was freeing her from the ropes, gags, and bindings that had held her for so long. She was very convincing with her answers. He believed her. That was her mistake.

Her Brain ***** It was a makeover she did not need. But it was better than the alternative … maybe.

Camping for a Change ***** He should have known she would go through his phone and his pockets. He wanted to surprise her with the news of the winning lottery ticket. Now she would surprise him.

All That Glitters ***** The strip club was better than working for restaurant tips. The money was much better until the dancer tried to deceive one customer too many.

The Children ***** Sometimes it is better to live in ignorance as the children in this story learned.

Teddy the Protector ***** She feared her dad, especially at night. Dad feared nothing. Until he met the bear.

No Escape ***** Doctors should listen to their patients; they know what they are suffering from. Soon, this group of doctors would learn.

New Beginnings ***** Jeanine would tell her therapist about her new hobby. He wouldn’t tell anyone because he was her doctor. Everything was confidential. She might even tell Samuel. He wouldn’t tell anyone either.

Undercover ***** It was a covert mission to expose torture and corruption. The agent had the proof, and it was time to leave. She would write her article and win prizes. She congratulated her assigned doctor before telling him she was ready to go.

The Smell of Deceit ***** He couldn’t believe it. She had found out about Celeste. He wasn’t too worried until she told him she would reunite him with Celeste.

Like a Moth ***** She was perfect and would never change. Of course not. If she were to change, she would be other than perfect.

Choice Cuts ***** He vetted the applications for free island vacations so that the only “winners” were the dregs of society, the criminal element. They were consumed by a desire for all things free.

Gary ***** Gary said he was researching writing a book on serial killers. Beth knew it was a lie. She had the power to stop him, but at first, he didn’t believe it. A small demonstration sent him to the police. At least, that was where she had told him to go. If he failed to obey, Beth would expand her demonstration.

The Emergence ***** Her husband told her to remember to take her recovery drink. She had forgotten … again. The reminder was something she would never forget.

Having read and commented on each story, I would give the collection three Amazon stars if I posted the review to Amazon. I don’t post reviews to Amazon which are not verified purchases. A Book Funnel download is not a verified purchase.



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