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Dragons Help

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Image by Tomáš Lhotský from Pixabay

War and Pieces Frayed Fairy Tales Season 4: Episode 1 by Tia Silverthorne Bach Jo Michaels and Ferocious Five is an original collaborative series by several authors. I selected this representative sample because I like other works by Jo Michaels and wanted to see how she writes in different genres. For this series, the authors create worlds with dragons and humans who sometimes collaborate and sometimes fight. Unlike Game of Thrones, there are not only more than three dragons, but the dragon world also has a hierarchy that resembles the human one. There is a difference between the wise, older generation, and a younger generation more willing to take risks.

Mulan is a young woman dedicated to taking care of her father, Fa Zhou. Father is sick, and no one knows how to cure his illness or relieve his pain. Zhou is slipping away into a coma punctuated by nightmares. Death is certain without decisive action. The latest in a long string of doctors has identified a demon spirit possessing Zhou. After a discussion with husband Shang, Mulan decides she will go to visit the ancients, Dragons, who possess knowledge about fighting demons. Mulan will go alone accompanied only by a near human thinking and feeling Genghis, her horse.

Mulan will meet and communicate with elder dragons. Bai, a junior dragon, will accompany her on a journey to find ingredients to make a potion that will expel a demon from her father. The quest will meet opposition. Mulan must win in several conflicts on the way to saving her father.

The authors write an entertaining examination of several social issues; female empowerment, the coming of age of a younger generation, social conflicts between groups which only occasionally respect each other (humans vs. dragons), belief in a supernatural world (demons), and working together to defeat a common enemy (hawks). There is no gory violence and no sexual language. Yes, we know what Shang and Mulan are doing when they disappear for private talks that last several hours at a time, but we don’t talk about it. This novel would be categorized as a cozy mystery as far as non-offensive language.

I rated the story as four Amazon stars for its world building and writing style. I won’t read more of this series, but I will read more by Jo Michaels. War and Pieces Frayed Fairy Tales Season 4: Episode 1 by Tia Silverthorne Bach, Jo Michaels and the Ferocious Five is available on Kindle Unlimited.



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