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Ninety-Nine 99-Word Stories

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Author Kevin Cathy promises us ninety-nine stories in the anthology 99 Stories Of Blood On the Wall. A further note in a subtitle promises that each account will have 99 words. The group of stories is exciting just because of the structure. Although I will read all the stories, I will only mention ones in this review which I found remarkably good. The collection of stories is available as a free purchase on Amazon.

No Limit ***** Entertaining for fans of weight loss programs. There is a limited and finite amount to what a body can lose.

Compulsion ***** A rather extreme cure for compulsion disorders.

It Was All A Dream? ***** What is worse than waking up with a playmate you don’t remember? This story suggests one answer.

The Winning Ticket ***** A winning lottery ticket implies there are many losers. There is one big loser in this story.

Next Door ***** Sometimes, it does not pay to be neighborly. Sometimes you find out in time.

No, You’re Fired! ***** This employee felt able to claim severance pay.

The Best Haircut ***** Not all lobotomies are frontal.

Admitted ***** What would happen if you accidentally wandered into a wing of a mental treatment facility. Maybe you went there to visit a relative but made a wrong turn. Not good.

The Necronomicon ***** Sing along with Dad, it will be good for him, not so much for you.

If Books Could Kill ***** Be respectful. Books must be shelved correctly.

The Wave ***** As I was about to say …

Leprechaun ***** Not all leprechauns bring gold or good luck.

Intro Class ***** Its good to make sure you are attending the right class.

Clown Skills ***** This clown offered a new twist on an old standard trick.

Visions ***** As Dorothy noted; we are not in Kansas anymore.

The Zoo ***** The question in this story is, how did the girlfriend know to send this text at this time?

Witch! ***** Sometimes what people think of you is accurate.

Paid In Full ***** This was a case of insomnia no doctor was going to be able to cure.

Wish Granted ***** Be very careful what you wish for.

Devastation ***** This is a tale of a self-destructive evil.

Phenomenon ***** Telekinesis should not be practiced without referral to an instruction manual.

The Witness ***** This is a story of playing the odds. Not that he wanted to do so. His luck ran out.

Rule of Three ***** Predictability is the ruin of many relationships.

Decaf ***** In this case, it didn’t matter whether the coffee was caffeinated or not.

Road Rage ***** Drivers should always be forward-looking.

Pining ***** With a hobby like this, forming long-term relationships will not be easy.

Wiped Clean ***** Interactive TV becomes a reality in this story.

The River ***** Sometimes sacrifices must be made. Better you than me.

Omnipresent ***** Mom is trying to tell me something.

Extinction ***** The idea of time travel is good. This story carries it too far.

These stories can be read or retold with the same speed as someone telling a joke. Reading the stories is a fun exercise in examining a structure idea. I only stopped on one account and checked the word count. Yep, 99 words. Did I check them all? No, and I don’t want to. Some clunkers were so predictable the stories didn’t need to be told. My Amazon rating is 3.5 stars.

I found the twenty-nine I commented on to be the best of the lot. What do you expect for free?


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