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All is not as it Appears

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The Secrets by. S. L. Fon is a very quick read at 62 pages. Maggie (Mimi) Roche had raised son Dylan on her own. Dylan knew his dad had died, but it was when he was approximately two years old, so there was no grieving or adverse effects on Dylan. Margaret and Dylan had a good relationship with his mother until cancer killed her. Dylan, now living on his own as a management trainee struggling to pay off student debt, receives an envelope full of cash from mourners at Margaret’s funeral and a mysterious note. Dylan is to meet the family attorney.

Henderson, family attorney, is willing to provide as much information as he deems necessary, but readers know he is holding back for some reason. Dylan will be directed to go to a huge estate to meet the overly wealthy Carol Marino, Dylan’s grandmother. With daughter Maggie dead and Carol surviving at an advanced age, the concern is how to pass on the state and large associated corporation to the next heir, presumably Dylan.

Dylan will meet a friend of his mother’s, Father Philip, and a posthumous email from his mom warning him to be careful of everyone associated with the family. Dylan also wonders about a key given to him by his mom. What does it go to? Dylan has no idea.

The story is about greed. Not to say Dylan is greedy, but someone is. With lots of money in play, the race is on to find out the meaning of the key and what it may unlock.

This work is a prequel novel to a series so reviewers should not adversely criticize plot holes in this short read. They have a purpose. Continue reading the Mirror Estate series by S. L. Fon to fill information gaps and enjoy a longer read. I will read at least one of the author’s longer reads because this was entertaining but lacked any depth of content as far as plot, character, or setting. There are enough hints that a longer novel might do this and I will risk time on at least one later novel. By itself, this novel is merely OK, and I gave it three Amazon stars. It is available on Kindle Unlimited, so I was not unhappy with the price of the free read.


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