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Weird is Normal for this Collection

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Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Tales of Dark Melancholy by Paulo da Silva is an anthology of short stories which are, in the words of the author, “a little scary, a tad literary, a smidgeon melancholic.” (location 45). Those words are the authors. My words are: these are very scary and weird stories. There is nothing salacious (sex), nothing gory (violence), no offensive language (snowflake proof), but these are very weird stories.

The Good Man, the Bad Man, and Them Boots ***** Death is the King and no one can control Death, but some can serve. The ones who serve have a choice about how they will serve, but even so, Death has some surprises. Where did Little Lizzy come from? Crazy Casey Callahan, the heir to the Boots, wasn’t sure about that, but he was happy enough to have the chance to see Tyler Mae forever and eat the chicken bones-that-are-not-chicken bones.

Soulmonger, Episode II ***** The witch offered to relieve her pain from an overpowering sorrow, but Gabi wanted a little bit more. She wanted to be able to love again. The witch advised, “love and pain are intertwined, and one cannot exist without the other.” (location 502). The witch lied, and Gabi wanted help.

The Girl Inside my Heart ***** The town population forgot the six deaths and then forgot the seventh one, the one passing through. Many years after the deaths Lindsay remembered the all, especially the one who lived inside her.

Richness ***** This is a wonderful but tragic tale of regret.

The Good Doctor ***** The Good Doctor was there for everyone with problems. He had just the pills to cure anything.

Harvesters ***** With this story, there is only one response. “Thanks for the memories.”

Death Bade her Enter ***** Death would win eventually. Death might win tonight. Or maybe not.

These stories fit into my favorite genres. At least two are 1000 words each. That might be flash fiction. All the stories are good. This set of stories is a five-star Amazon read which sent me to search engines that will find more work by Paulo da Silva. It gets complicated because his Amazon author page states he has written very many books with very many names.




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