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Poorly Prepared Publication

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Write to Kill by Jack Braddock is a six-story collection of thrillers. It was available as a free Amazon Kindle download. Collections of stories many times allow me to “discover” new writers while giving me portable entertainment during my workday.

Write To Kill ***** Jeff Kronos ** A good story, but the surprise is given away at the scene where there is a meeting of author and mentor. Not completely given away, but if this is your normal reading genre, you will get it.

Turmoil ***** Cassie Blake ** Mae Ling didn’t mind allowing Julia to stay at her house for a few weeks until Julia could find a new apartment to go with the new job she had after moving to Mae Ling’s hometown. Mae Ling and Julia had gotten drunk together after the first few days of their meeting, but that was fine. Mae Ling needed to get her mind off the recent death of her daughter. Julia had several options to offer Mae Ling that would help her return to the real world after the death of daughter Kai. Sometimes Julia went too far.

Burned ***** Caroline Smith ** Cami discovered photographs hidden under some floorboards in a bedroom of their new home. The groups of men were of different generations but related. Some were preachers, as was Cami’s husband, Tim. The lives of preachers were not long in Jonesburg. Tim and Cami were in town to attend the funeral of Roger and his wife. Preacher Roger and his wife had been killed; their son Langdon was in the hospital. Preacher Tim would take over as the new Jonesburg pastor. Perhaps when Tim returned from the funeral, he would explain the meaning of the photos to Cami. Or maybe not.

In The Dark *****Joseph Langston ** There is no other way to describe this story other than to say the Devil is in the details. Abigail had warned them, but no one listened to a child.

The Last Victim ***** Sean Porter ** Readers will not know his real name. His job was to find people, and he was the best there was. Clients made out checks to Arthur Murray, and that was good enough for him and, presumably, the IRS. Arthur had devoted his life to the pursuit of a killer, Kirk Danes. I was very surprised to find out the eventual identity of Kirk Danes. Aside from the non-standard formatting, this is a good story, one I feel is the best of the collection.

Cut And Run ***** Robert Briscoe ** Paul did not have a right to claim the moral high ground. Sure, his wife was cheating on him. He had hired a private detective who had obtained proof and delivered an envelope with photos to Paul. But Paul had been cheating on Kate for many years. His latest project, Courtney, was getting too possessive; Paul would have to do something about his relationship with Courtney. Killing Courtney was too extreme, but it had happened. Now he was in a ridiculous situation and needed help before the police arrived and discovered the body. The situation would call on all Paul’s ingenuity.

Formatting of this novel seems to have been done on an Adhoc basis by different people in charge of formatting.  There are at least three different spacing formats in this group of stories. In Turmoil, Mae Ling and Julia are having a phone conversation. In the middle of the dialogue, the words “Chapter Four” appear. There are no line breaks before or after the word. (location 519). In Burned, the spacing changes to double space throughout the story, different from other stories of the collection. A strange form of date notation appears at location 991. With The Last Victim, readers will find double spacing again. Cut and Run readers will find two words of a sentence followed by a double space and then the continuation of the sentence. (location 1953).

This collection has six stories in 145 pages. It was available as a free purchase on Kindle, USD 0.00, not a Kindle Unlimited selection. If I had paid anything for such a formatted book, I would have requested a refund. I hope this is only a coincidence, but this is the second novel this week I have found with horrible, unacceptable formatting. I gave this two stars for bad formatting; at least three of the six stories were good as far as entertaining selections and are written well.




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