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Image by Fernando Cavalcanti from Pixabay

Comeback Girl (Part 2) by Stephanie Bond takes place every day in August 2018. It is not that long ago, not like in the 60s or something. The story takes place as a continuation of (DUH moment) Part One, which took place in July 2018. My review of the July entries are at

Jane is back home in Accident, Alabama. There must be an interesting story behind the name of this town. How does municipal spirit grow to the point where residents are proud to say they come from Accident? Perhaps Bond will tell us.

We know why Jane came back. Her mother was ill and required hospitalization that would take her away from the farm. Someone had to look after the farm, feed the pigs, pay the bills, and do all the administrative side of stuff that was daily life. Brother Tyler isn’t willing to help; he claims to be almost broke. Jane is assumed to be rich because she is a big city published novelist. Surely she can take time to help with mom, right?

Sure she can because Jane had hit the writer’s wall or writer’s block. Janes editor is pushing for more product and Jane has responded with a request for an extension, using her mom’s illness as an excuse. Maybe she will write while on the farm. But there are a bunch of things she has to attend to. Someone has made a complaint about Mom’s hoarding. It was a justified complaint; Jane has spent days tunneling out a place for her to sit when on a Skype call to her boyfriend, Hugh, in London. Hugh is starting to look as useless as Tyler; he can’t even find Trudy, Jane’s missing dog. Could Will, a neighboring handyman, become a substitute for Hugh? Not in the near term, perhaps. Read this serialized story to follow the action.

Comeback Girl (Part 2) is available on Kindle Unlimited as a free read.

While on the farm cleaning out Mom’s stash of useless collectibles, she will inevitably come across some of mom’s private items, such as long ago written letters. There will be secrets or hints of secrets. Read this collection of daily posts to find out more.

It is an effort to review these collections without revealing spoilers. That is part of the fun of writing a review. Readers would have the best reading experience if the collected observations were read as they were written, one each day. Failing that, reading the collected monthly posts is still fun for the quality of writing. This type of calendered record is a five-star read in its genre for originality.


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