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Hoarding Secrets

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Comeback Girl (Part 3) by Stephanie Bond will take us through September 2018 as Jane Hunnicut takes us on a daily journey of her struggles. Jane will deal with a mom suffering a stroke in a hospital, a (temporary) separation from a fiancée in London, and a looming deadline for a book not yet written. She might experience a deepening romance with Will the veterinarian, and deepening anger with a brother (Tyler) reluctant to help with family obligations. These are real issues not open to speculation, they exist. These events are not enough to fill the month, however.

There are issues in question. Deidre, Emma, and Jane grew up together and were best friends. Deidre disappeared one night. Jane knows more than she has told others. Jane is also not quite sure why her friendship with Emma slowly dissolved. The two are still friends, but they are not as close as before. Jane knew secrets about Deidre; did Emma know secrets also? If so, did Jane and Emma know the same secrets? There was an important question for which only some people wanted to know the answer, was Deidre still living?

Jane’s mother was a hoarder and had constructed pathways so narrow between towering collections of materials in her home that there was no room for anyone else. There was no room for visiting Jane, and there would be no room for Mom when she was released from the hospital to return home. Jane had a massive cleaning task. Clearing this treasure trove meant secrets would be revealed.

It was going to be a very busy September in Accident, Alabama. Readers have an opportunity to see how events unfold daily in September with the 69-page quick read that is Part Three. The style of writing and organization of these original five-star presentations are very reader-friendly for those who want a good story delivered in short installments. Each part brings an intriguing tease to a reader’s attention, so there is little possibility a reader will forget where they are in the story. As I read each part, I post a review. I like Stephanie Bond’s original style of writing and organization.

From the Amazon page for this novel:

This COMEBACK GIRL, Part 3 novella is a month’s worth of daily segments: SEPTEMBER

The Part 1 novella is JULY, Part 2 is AUGUST, Part 3 is SEPTEMBER, Part 4 is OCTOBER, Part 5 is NOVEMBER, part 6 is DECEMBER.

(In total there are six parts to COMEBACK GIRL.)

Genres assigned to this collection are Kindle Singles: Romance, Two-Hour Romance Short Reads, and Romantic Suspense.

The monthly novellas cost USD 2.99 from Amazon or are available as free reads on Kindle Unlimited (KU).

My Part One Review:

My Part Two Review:


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