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Destiny for Sale by Sebastian Moreno Breser has a popular fantasy theme. Our everyday lives are boring. How about taking a vacation from life and live an alternative reality? That was the choice given to Tomas, one he welcomed. His dog had just died, an investigative journalism piece Tomas worked on for a long time had recently been rejected by his boss, his work life had no future, and he was alone in the world. Tomas had delayed introducing himself to a work colleague he wanted to date only to find out he had delayed too long. Binder News would fire her in the next two days, further emphasizing the lonely status of Tomas.

Basia appeared unexpectedly to Tomas for the third time at a coffee shop. There were too many coincidences. After an unexpected hook up, Basia disappeared but not before leaving a card with a note, “Yesterday was not real. None of it was. My name wasn’t, nor is destiny. You can choose a better lie.” (Kindle location 302). The adventure begins, and the twists in this story more resemble shocks. Of course, Tomas calls the number on the card.

ING Life Design was a company that promised, “‘The possibilities are infinite. Are you ready to take a vacation from yourself?’ (Kindle location 391). Yes, there was a contract, but no, he didn’t have to pay any money. There were at least three tasks he would be required to perform in one week. Should he fail to perform any of them or if he should “strike out” three times, he would have to pay the company one million dollars. What would Tomas get in return? Everything he had always wanted. There would be a prestigious job with a corner office, a grand apartment, the latest sports car, and a beautiful secretary/companion to fulfill every fantasy. To complete the requirements and three tasks, all he had to do was follow instructions. They would be provided by Dex through an ever-present earphone. The immediacy of delivered instructions assured Toma, now using the new name of Matt Green, that he was always under total surveillance.

So far, this is a fantasy many would like to have the opportunity to live. Astute readers know that nothing in life is free, so they will continue to read to find the motivation of the ING Life Design company. Matt Green has it too good. He has everything promised; an executive position, a fast car, a great apartment, a beautiful, compliant secretary, and even a new dog. The first task was decidedly pleasant; the second was exhausting and reminiscent of sophisticated behavioral modification programs; the third task was illegal and criminal. That was OK, however, because the company with which he had signed the contract would protect him. Or would they? What way the agenda of ING Life design?

This story would have been a great reading experience, seamless and fast-paced from beginning to end had it not been for Chapter Nineteen. Chapter Nineteen is a copy of Chapter Eighteen. In other words, this Kindle edition has one other section, one that is not needed. I found the writing, characters, and settings at the five-star rating level, but with such sloppy editing, I give the novel a four-star with reservations rating. I will never complain about the price of USD 0.00, but I still did not appreciate the extra gift of an additional, redundant chapter. To know why this was so vexing, a reader must read Chapter Twenty-One. The importance of why this other, identical chapter is extremely confusing can only be appreciated after reading the final chapter.

There are indications this could be a book in a series. After the title Identity for Sale, we have a subtitle Destiny: Matt Green. I will read more by author Matt Green in hopes the editing gets better. Green’s writing is worth further reading.



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