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Blowhard Stories

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Turning on the TV for background noise is a habit in my household as my wife, son, and I prepare for different departure times to attack the daily routine. First comes CNN International but only until each hour at 0:45 when sport comes on. Because of where I live, the competition includes generous doses of Cricket, a game that confounds my family and myself. We replace sports news with Bloomberg as we glance at the screen for the latest currency exchange rates. If the rate moved unfavorably against the dollar, we withdraw money before noon to get a better price from the day before. Thanks, Time and Date Line.

Then it is back to CNN for Anderson Cooper which we listen to for fifteen minutes before joining the traffic crawl to work. Note: we listen, not watch, because we are busy with departure preparations. Sometimes I get all the way to work before I reflect on what I have heard. I check to clear up possible misunderstandings, but I am amused at the possible misconceptions audible news without visual aids can bring. Things that my family and I heard on 27 August 2019 include:

Someone wants to use nuclear weapons to blow up hurricanes. News I heard indicated this was something that came out of the G7 conference, a group that doesn’t include a nuclear Russia. Interesting.

Reportedly, Melania Trump is one of the latest fans of Km Jong Un. She might have been surprised to know about her new friend. I blame Facebook.

After several flip flops on China Trade policy, Forrest Trump said that all options are on the table. Of course, they are. Look under the table and find out who made it.

Most of my neighborhood friends know I order lots of books and even a few other things from Amazon. A young friend of my son asked if we were still able to make purchases since it was burning. Yep, I had heard that news; it just didn’t get through my filter with the same meaning as my young neighbor.

Hence, my story.

Twittering Tales #151 – 27 August 2019

By Kat Myrman

Twittering Tales

About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a photo prompt. Your mission, if you choose to accept the challenge, is to tell a story in 280 characters or less. When you write your tale, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale. This is important as I have noticed that some of the ping backs have not been working. If you would prefer to post your tale in the comments (some people have very specific blog themes but still want to participate), I am happy to post a link to your site when I post your tale in the Round Up.

I will do a roundup each Tuesday, along with providing a new prompt. And if for some reason I missed your entry in the Roundup, as I have occasionally done, please let me know. I want to be sure to include your tale.

Finally, have fun!

Mashup of photos by pendleburyannette (dragon) & MichaelGaida (forest) at

The Paper Tiger

Ned, a copy editor, longed for a spot on the news desk. He had a plan.

“Dragons!” he scoffed as he shuffled through the brush on the grounds of the secret test site. “I’m going to debunk those crazy rumors once and for all.”

“Um. That’s Draco, kid. D-R-A…hey where ya’ going?!”


278 Characters

My story:

DEAR AMAZON. For my cough, Doc recommended you. There is no one in the store to answer my questions. All I want is some pills. Every time I cough, I spit fire. If I don’t get an answer soon, this Amazon thing is doomed. Lousy customer service burns me up. My turn next. DRAGON.

277 characters




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  1. I love reading about your morning routine! I too have background noise of the MSNBC Morning Joe variety. Listening, like you, as I get ready to head out into the rat race! The Amazon reference was interesting. We do much of our shopping there…not the burning forest. If only we could blame the inferno on dragons. Sadly it is humans who are the demons. 😞

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