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Philosophical Eros

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Image by Şuayyip Yücel from Pixabay

I am looking forward to getting back to my regular blogging schedule tomorrow, 01 September, 2019.

I previously posted a note on 26 August mentioning that I would be absent for about one week. The post received seven likes, but I am coming back anyway with more reviews and the occasional rant.

I had no intention to post anything today but in clearing out my inbox I came across a fun activity called Three Line Tales (TLT). It looked like fun, so here is my attempt.

Welcome to Week 187 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales, week 187: two buddhist monks at a coffee shop
photo by Manthan Gupta via UnsplashCareful, thoughtful preparation is good for the success of any lengthy trip.

The two brothers had never been abroad before and were consulting their guidebook.

Perhaps “Fear of Flying” had not been their best choice.



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